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One Man’s Struggle . . .

The Last Krispie‘ was the follow up to renegade short film-maker Ed Godsell‘s seminal ‘The Unbearable‘. This often overlooked gem’s impact possibly suffered because of its predecessors late surge of unprecedented form on the World’s festival circuit. However, it remains a startling piece of work in its own right.

Godsell employs his trademark sense of tension to the medium as the viewer is treated to a tour de force display of concise cinematic magic.

A suitably lanquid Stephen Brennan plays the hapless office prole in perhaps his finest role since ‘The Ass and the Alter‘. Jane Skovgaard’s sumptuous scantily clad cameo as the unfortunate post-lady literally left this writer glued to his cinema seat.

This piece thrilled fans on release but has not yet garnered  the widespread appraisal it so richly deserves.

The poster is a three colour screenprint and is also due re-appraisal.



  1. martin wrote:

    In a style redolent of Soviet Social Realism this poster acutely depicts the triumph of the apparently down-trodden individual against seemingly insurmountable odds. By force of grit, determination and indomitable proletarian pride, the lead character succeeds in righting the wrongs of an oppressive, uncaring system and a most unfortunate parentage.
    It is indeed remarkable, uncanny one might say, how the timbre of this poster reflects the life and developmental stages in the career of its creator Mr. Brain Barry.
    Found abandoned in a basket on the land of the local Calvinist black-smith, Barry endured a childhood of extreme distress and cruel neglect. At the tender age of twelve, with all his peers happy playing football, Barry ran off with a troop of Gypsies who were part of a touring circus that came to his village. Nothing much was heard of him until he burst onto the Berlin design scene just after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. Some suggest that Barry had been in the intervening years a guerilla mercenary active in many regional conflicts throughout Africa and the Middle East, having learnt his bloody trade, so the story goes, in the French Foreign Legion where he was fearfully known by the sobriquet ‘le sodomite brutal.’ None of this has been confirmed or denied by the enigmatic Barry who shuns the media and is said to live an acetic life somewhere in the artisan’s quarter of Cork City, Ireland.
    Whatever the argument about his biography, there can be no arguing his genius. This is one of the earlier works and was bought recently by a mysterious Isreali collector at auction in Sotheby’s for a reputed two figure sum. It is rumoured that Barry did up a second print to publicise the seminal Godsell film but it has never been produced for public consumption. Similar in style as the above print, it is said to feature as its main motif the succulent, perfectly rounded buttocks of lead actress Jane Skovgaard.

    Friday, April 13, 2007 at 3:23 pm | Permalink
  2. pintireland wrote:

    Isn’t it ironic that Brian was also the transport captain for the film?

    Monday, April 16, 2007 at 6:03 pm | Permalink

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