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20:20 Print Exchange

Hot Bed Press Printmakers Studio in Salford organised a print exchange in November with each participating printmaker producing 24 prints on paper sized 20cm x 20cm. In exchange each artist received a portfolio containing one of their own prints plus 19 other prints selected at random. No artist received an identical portfolio. Nine different Print Studios in Ireland, England and Scotland participated.

You can see all 120 pieces on a special Flickr page –

My own piece is entitled ‘Keeping an Eye on the Moon’, and is a Pinhole Photo printed as a Photo Etching. The image was taken in Cobh, Co. Cork.

Photo Etching by Brian Barry

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    […] put my name down again this year for Hot Bed Press Printmakers Studio 20-20 print exchange. The deadline is in about a month. I have no access to printmaking facilities and almost no tools. […]

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