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Sergeant Pluck from ‘The Third Policeman’

This is a 9 colour screenprint of the unforgettable character ‘Sergeant Pluck’ from Flann O’Brien‘s masterpiece The Third Policeman‘.

Here is the first mention of Pluck in the book:

His face gave me one more surprise. It was enormously fat, red and widespread, sitting squarely on the neck of his tunic with a clumsy weightiness that reminded me of a sack of flour. The lower half of it was hidden by a violent red moustache which shot out from his skin far into the air like the antennae of some unusual animal. His cheeks were red and chubby and his eyes were nearly invisible, hidden from above by the obstruction of his tufted brows and from below by the fat foldings of his skin. He came over ponderously to the inside of the counter and I advanced meekly from the door until we were face to face. “Is it about a bicycle?” he asked.

'Sergeant Pluck' from The Third Policeman by Brian Barry
Here is the print colour by colour:


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