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Abzorba – The Greek Frog II

Here we see Abzorba, our intrepid dried out frog possibly re-submerged in water. Again I used RISTON photopolymer film and lots of it. Here’s a close-up detail . . . . . . . . and another . . .

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Abzorba – The Greek Frog I

This print was created with the help of my greek pal ‘Abzorba’. I met Abzorba over ten years ago on a Greek road some weeks after his/her (??) untimely death by squashing. I felt a special kinship could have existed between us so I slotted him/her into my wallet and took him/her home with me. […]

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Workshops and Demos in Cork Printmakers 2013

In September I assisted Johnny Bugler in a letterpress workshop which took place during Culture Night in Cork Printmakers. I designed ‘The One that got Away’ to demonstrate the process.   In November I was asked to give a demonstration of the Photo Intaglio process using Riston film. You can see the print I created […]

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Another CMYK Photopolymer Etching

Malecón, Havana, Cuba – Photo Etching.

Here is a one-off from years ago. It’s a photo intaglio etching using images taken of the Malecón in Havana, Cuba. The Malecón stretches for about 8km along Havana’s coast and is, in my opinion, the best possible place to go to experience life in Cuba’s capital. I used an old piece of roof leading […]

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From Matchbox Pinhole Photo to Photo Intaglio Etching

This was my entry for Hot Bed Press Printing Studio‘s 2011 20:20 print exchange printed in Cork Printmakers. To see the full collection – click here It’s based on a photo I took in Granada using a matchbox pinhole camera and printed as a photo etching using Riston film.

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CMYK Photopolymer Etching – ROVER!!

Here’s my entry from Cork Printmakers’ 21 Exhibition. It’s entitled ‘Rover’ and is based on a photo of an x-Ray of a dog provided to me by my vet sister. The photo below outlines the process plate by plate. I made plates from CMYK separations and also created a fifth as a spot colour with […]

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Pinhole Photos taken in Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras

Pinhole Photography from Honduras - La Moskitia

I’ve just added a new collection to my Gallery page. I exhibited ‘From the Day of the Dead to Holy Week’ this time last year in Cork’s Basement Project Space. These are Pinhole Photos taken during my travels in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. They were printed in Cork Printmakers using a Photo Intaglio Etching technique. […]

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20:20 Print Exchange

Photo Etching by Brian Barry

Hot Bed Press Printmakers Studio in Salford organised a print exchange in November with each participating printmaker producing 24 prints on paper sized 20cm x 20cm. In exchange each artist received a portfolio containing one of their own prints plus 19 other prints selected at random. No artist received an identical portfolio. Nine different Print […]

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Thanks to all at ‘The Basement Project Space’, Cork City . . . .

. . . who kindly allowed me to use their space for 2 weeks so I could exhibit ‘From the Day of the Dead to Holy Week’. They also facilitated my Pinhole Workshop and let me show the film ‘Under the Volcano’. Check out their website – where you’ll get an idea of the variety […]

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