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Abzorba – The Greek Frog I

Abzorba - The Greek Frog I (detail)

This print was created with the help of my greek pal ‘Abzorba’. I met Abzorba over ten years ago on a Greek road some weeks after his/her (??) untimely death by squashing. I felt a special kinship could have existed between us so I slotted him/her into my wallet and took him/her home with me. [...]

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Venus Eye Trap – 3 Colour Linocut

Venus Eye Trap by Brian Barry

This is a 3 colour linocut I did as an invited artist for an exhibition entitled ‘A Natural Selection’ which first showed at the National Botanic Gardens Dublin in December of 2013. The Botanic Gardens also provided the theme for the artwork. The exhibition of a hundred prints by a hundred printmakers has since visited [...]

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Sing Hombre Sing – Etched Lino

Sing Hombre Sing by Brian Barry

Here is a print I did for this years 20:20 Boxset. It’s a 2 colour etched lino. Here’s a picture by picture account of the process . . . . .  

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Another CMYK Photopolymer Etching

CMYK Photopolymer Etching - 4 plates - Riston film - Brian Barry

From lino to print

Linocut by Brian Barry

Here’s something drawn and cut from my bedroom/printing studio in Granada.

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CMYK Photopolymer Etching – ROVER!!

'Rover' - a 5 plate CMYK photpolymer by Brian Barry

Here’s my entry from Cork Printmakers’ 21 Exhibition. It’s entitled ‘Rover’ and is based on a photo of an x-Ray of a dog provided to me by my vet sister. The photo below outlines the process plate by plate. I made plates from CMYK separations and also created a fifth as a spot colour with [...]

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Last chance to support Cork Printmakers’ 21 Publication!

Cork Prinmakers Fundit

Please support Cork Printmakers by helping to fund our 21st Anniversary publication. The more you pledge, the more you get back! Info here:

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Pinhole Photos taken in Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras

Pinhole Photography from Honduras - La Moskitia

I’ve just added a new collection to my Gallery page. I exhibited ‘From the Day of the Dead to Holy Week’ this time last year in Cork’s Basement Project Space. These are Pinhole Photos taken during my travels in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. They were printed in Cork Printmakers using a Photo Intaglio Etching technique. [...]

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Press for ‘Impressions of Your City’ in Cork City’s Opera House

Cork Printmakers Road Roller Print Exhibition

Here are two cuttings from Cork’s ‘Evening Echo’ and ‘Irish Examiner’ newspapers from January 28th, 2010. They’re publicising the forthcoming exhibition ‘Impressions of Your City’ that will begin in The Opera House on February 1st. CHECK OUT PHOTOS SHOWING MY PRINT BEING MADE ON THE DAY.

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Press pre Cork Printmakers Road-Roller Print Event

Michael O'Regan - Cork's Echo Boy by Brian Barry. Cork Printmakers Road-Roller Print Event 2010.

This appeared in Cork’s Evening Echo (Friday, November 26th, 2010), the day before the Road-Roller Event. It contains a picture of my lino block with a load more cutting to do! It incorrectly names me a 1st year student from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design. The event itself, which took place the following [...]

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