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‘MB Seal’ linocut in Discos Bora Bora, Granada.

Here’s a video by Ameer Hogg of the group ‘El pequeño salvaje’ and friends in Discos Bora Bora, Granada. The concert was part of Impresiones Gigantes 2014. My linocut ‘Songs in C-Saw Sharp’ is featured in the background on the wall behind the group.  

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Linocut – Wet off the press!!!

Linocut by Brian Barry

Printed in my bedroom/studio in Granada, Spain.

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Work begins for ‘Impresiones Gigantes – 2013′

Brian Barry - Impresiones Gigantes 2013

Impresiones Gigantes is happening again this year. The event will take place in Granada’s Paseo del Salon on May 22. Last year’s prints will be exhibited before the new event in a city centre location. More information about that very soon. Here’s a photo of my 1 x 2 metre lino block with a few [...]

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Goodbye 2012 . . . .

Impresiones Gigantes 2012

Here are the participants of ‘Impresiones Gigantes – 2012′, the event I started in Granada. Preparation is underway for next years event.

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Experimenting for ‘Impresiones Gigantes’

Linocuts by Brian Barry for Impresiones Gigantes - Granada 2012

Here are some test prints of linocuts that I’ve been doing for ‘Impresiones Gigantes 2012‘. Printed on chick-lit with ‘el tórculito’ in Granada, Spain.

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Impresiones Gigantes! – Granada 2012

Impresiones Gigantes - Granada 2012

Here is something very exciting that I’m involved with in Granada at the moment. We’re trying to organise a Road-Roller day for the middle of May. I’m using my experience as part of Cork Printmakers Road-Roller Project as much as possible. We haven’t got a fixed date or location yet but the work has already [...]

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